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Voucher Code

To use Voucher Codes, you need to follow our Terms & Conditions. Our policies are specially generated to give our users best experience so they can make a purchase while staying under our Terms & Conditions.

Coupon Codes or Vouchers Code can be used on all over the Products listed at JinnieWorld. There are different range of vouchers launched and can be used at anytime from anywhere in Pakistan.
You must follow the instructions before using voucher codes:

i- You must sign-up for your account or you can login with your registered email address.

ii- You cannot use multi vouchers at a time. 1 Voucher code will be used with 1 checkout.

iii- You can get extra discounts with vouchers on all the sale items listed at JinnieWorld

iv- Read out all the description with voucher code, how to apply with in the Checkout.

Please Note:
Sellers are not allowed to use any voucher code with in their store at JinnieWorld. It is restricted and cannot be used by you. If In any case, it happens –  it will count as a fraud under the name of your name or your shop name & Seller’s account will be blocked. He/she will not be able to sell more products & all the pending payments will be stopped until further investigation.

Seller are prohibited for using Voucher code at their on store in anyway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if Voucher Code does not work?

If the voucher code or coupon code doesn’t work, their might be 2 reasons:

Coupon Code is Expired or you have misspelled the voucher code, please reenter the code, otherwise contact us [email protected]  or 03319550454 via whatsapp.

What if seller used a coupon code in his/her own shop?

Seller’s are restricted to used any coupon code in his/her shop as it is against the policy. It is prohibited to use coupon code  If in any case, it happens, seller account will be blocked and all the remaining payments will be seized until further investigation. 

Please note: You will not get your payment until we resolve the issue.

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