Money Back Guarantee




To get the best experience with JinnieWorld, We offer 7 days Money Back Guarantee so you can Buy with Confidence whether the product price is PKR100 or PKR100,000. You are totally covered with JinnieWorld Money Back Guarantee Policy.

When Money Back Guarantee works?

JinnieWorld Money Back Guarantee works the following criteria;

1- If  you don’t receive a product.
2- If you found a product damaged.
3- If the product is not as shown in the picture or described in the description.
4- If you don’t receive a product with in the 14 days from the purchase date.
5- Product should be unopened or unused with tags

Who pays for return shipping?

The seller pays for return shipping if the item was damaged, faulty, or doesn’t match the listing description, or if they offer a free returns policy.
If Buyer returning a product because they have just change their mind or they don’t like the product then buyer have to pay for the return shipping.

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