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How to List Products


Listing products is not an easy challenge but we have made some for you. Read this article carefully so you can a better guidance. Follow the instruction.  

Here we have mentioned the way you can list your product with us. Please follow the instructions so you can list your products in the right way.

Product Name: Enter the product name

Categoty: Please select a correct category for your product which suits better

Click on Create Product and it will take you to the next page

Upload Image: images should be clear and description will be the same as shown in the picture. (Minimum 2)

Product type: If your product has no variants like colors, memory, sizes, then select the Simple Product & if your product has variants as mentioned above then please select Variable Product

Regular Price: If your product is Simple Type then enter the Regular Amount otherwise this field will be hidden

Sale Price: if your product is on sale then enter the price ( if it is Simple Type Product otherwise this field will be hidden )

Tags: Enter a tags which suits your product like iPhone Accessories, Charger, Car Holder ect.

Short Description: Write a main things or highlight the importance of your product & your service like 16GB Fast Shipping, Positive FeedBack, Free Shipping etc

Description: describe your product with the best you can but you need to make sure that you will have to description the product as your product is, otherwise it will go against our policy.
Please Note: do not share your personal details like email address, phone number, etc.

Shipping And Tax: You will enter the weight, width, Height & Length and scroll down a little bit where you will give information about the Shipping Cost whether you are going to charge for the shipping or you are offering Free Shipping {(Select any which suits better) we recommend you to offer Free Shipping to attract more customers}.

Stock Management: You must enter the quantity of the products you have got in your stock from (Minimum 1)

Attributes: Here you will select the attributes which you think it needs to be with a product (if needed) like Colors, Brand, Condition, Size, Memory etc. Condition should be select as this is mandatory/Compulsory to be select whether It’s New or used (For Example: Type New and select)

For Variable Products: If you are listing your product as a variable type then you need to select attributes which suits better and tick the box for Use for Variations and then  Click on Save All Attributes  – it will show up the box with variation created by system then press “Go”
 It will create for you all variants you have mentioned – first, You need to tick the box of Stock Management then enter the  Regular Amount – Sale Amount (If needed) and quantity of a product ( Minimum 1). Repeat the same step for other variants

Visibilty: There are 4 options Visible, Catalog, Search & Hidden if you want to show it, then select a visible option as default, if you want your product comes only in catalog then select Catalog, if you want to show it if someone search for your product then select Search, if you want to hide it, then select hide (We Recommend you to set on visible as default)

Customer Note: If you want to give any information to customer you can write it while following our privacy policy guideline

Save Product: Click on this Product to save and continue

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