How to choose great speakers?

Choosing speakers for your computer is easy, but if you do not want to constantly hear a bad sound, then this question should be approached wisely.

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Recommended models

For those who do not have time to read the whole article, I immediately give the recommended models of columns with a brief explanation.

For the office computer (documents, the Internet) any of the cheapest columns will suffice, so to speak that was (for support of working process) smile But I nevertheless recommend to be limited to the SVEN and Genius brands as at them even inexpensive models have acceptable quality .

For a multimedia computer (movies, simple games) it is better to take speakers in a wooden case of the SVEN brand with a total power of 10-20 watts. The sound quality will be much higher.

For large space or if you like powerful sound, it is better to take louder speakers (40-60 watts).

If you like music, especially with high BPM – beats per minute (you can check your favourite music BPM on, then Edifier or Microlab speakers with a total power of 40-60 watts. It will give more realistic sound in the mid-high range and soft transparent bass.

For games, you can take the speaker system SVEN 2.1 (with subwoofer) with a total power of 40-60 watts, which will give powerful drive bass.

Well, for home theater, a great choice would be a multi-channel 5.1 system manufactured by Creative, Microlab, Logitech or Sven.

As for laptops, there are several options. If you plan to use speakers where there is a socket, then take inexpensive computer speakers in a plastic case of 5-10 watts made by SVEN or Genius. If you want to use the speakers in nature or in other places where there is no outlet, then you need mobile speakers powered by USB with a total power of 4-6 watts. Recommended manufacturers are SVEN, Genius and Defender.

If you want to understand why I recommend these models, to understand all the parameters of the speakers, then read the article below.

Assignment of columns

Office – inexpensive stereo speakers (2.0) with low volume and sound quality. Suitable primarily for playing the sounds of the operating system, helping in everyday work. Sometimes they can be used to watch videos on the Internet or create a light background music.

Home – stereo speakers (2.0, 2.1) of medium volume and quite acceptable sound quality. Are versatile and suitable for music, movies and games.

Gaming – a multi-channel audio system (5.1) to create surround sound, which helps to navigate in games for their avid fans.

Home theater – multi-channel audio system (5.1, 7.1) for watching movies with multi-channel sound. It can have several inputs, so you can connect a computer and a video player to one audio system at the same time.

Portable – small portable stereo or mono speakers for laptops and other mobile devices. They usually have low power and can be powered by a USB port on a laptop or built-in battery.

Speaker manufacturers

High-quality speakers for high-tech computers are produced by: Creative and Logitech. But they are also the most expensive.

Popular well-established brands include: Edifier, F & D, Microlab. When choosing speakers for these brands, you can not think about their quality, but take the ones you like best in design.

Separately, I want to mention the speakers from Sven, which have an excellent price / quality ratio in the entire price range.

The inexpensive Defender brand is also popular now, but the choice of speakers from this manufacturer should be approached more carefully, as their range includes both successful models and not so much.

In any case, before buying speakers, it is desirable to read the reviews on the Internet and, if possible, listen to the sound in the store.

If you need inexpensive speakers for your office computer, pay attention to the brands: Genius and Sven.

High-quality portable speakers are produced by: BBK, Creative, HP, Jabra, JBL, Microlab, Logitech, Philips.

Of the cheaper brands in the segment of portable speakers can be considered: A4Tech, Defender, Genius, Sven.

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