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Buying With JinnieWorld

There are two ways to buy with JinnieWorld, Number one is you buy your favourite product with a button “Add to Cart” and pay the amount shown under product and order it to get your product as soon as possible.


Second one is, “Auction” – If a product you searched about is in the Auction, then Start bidding and get your favourite product with least amount on what you win.

What is Add to Cart?

Add to cart is to put your Favourite product into your basket make yourself ready to place an order with the amount showed under product. There will a button “Checkout” when you add your favourite product into your account “Basket”. Press the button “Checkout” and fill out some additional information and wait for your Product to arrive.

What is bidding?

A product which is offered by an individual seller and then customer give them an offer with their own choice but offer is greater than the price asked by seller. Especially this term “bidding:” used in an Auction.


An Auction is a process of buying and selling product by offering them from the least price and ends at the highest price within the given time.

At JinnieWorld, Auction has now been introduced in April 2019. Auction is a system where seller will post an item with an offer on which customer will start giving their own offers, It depends on seller for how long listing of a product will be continue like for 3, 5 or 7 days.


There are 2 ways to win “Auction on Product”

1 – Making higher bidding increases the chance of winning a product in Auction

2 – Bid on a product and wait for the time given to end, if no one else bid on the same product, highest bidder will win a product.

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