Auction System

Auction System

Auction is a system in which you can List your product with a starting price and buyers who love to buy your auction listed product can Bid on it. Bid -> Buyer will send you an offer with the best price they think of & If, by the end of auction the highest bidding price will win the product.

For How Many Days

In the auction listing style, you can list your product with 3 days 5 days and 7 days, It depends on the seller in what style they want to list their product.

3 days auction is a quickest response receivable in which your product can sold out by speeding it up. Make sure, your unsold auction listing cannot be listed again. You can post your product manually again.

Tip For Seller’s

  1. Try to list your product with the lowest amount which attracts the buyer most.
  2. Reserve price has been setup for you where you can reserve your price so you don’t loose your product in a low price. If a customer has a lowest amount bid then your reserved price then your product is going no where.

You are bound to send your product if buyer won it, if in any case, you do not send it, you account may get blocked and you will no longer be able to sell your products with JinnieWorld.

You can add Buy It Now price so if customer do not want to loose your product or cannot wait for the auction to be end, they can buy it straight away.


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